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Sheahan Lock Partners has a long history of dealing with insolvencies where there are significant assets and widespread and complex business interests.  We also have unrivalled experience in successfully pursuing litigation in respect of the ‘traditional’ insolvency-related claims of insolvent trading, uncommercial transactions and preference claims.

However, our core value is provided by our unique experience and expertise in pursuing recoveries through contested commercial litigation in a complex insolvency environment.  We have successfully managed hundreds of cases where the directors of an insolvent company have used complex schemes or transactions in an attempt to enrich themselves at the expense of creditors, shareholders and the revenue agencies.  In several instances, where other liquidators may have been unable or unwilling to take action, we have ultimately paid creditors in full and distributed funds to shareholders.

Our extensive experience enables us to quickly identify key litigation objectives and opportunities, generally leading to an early focus on which documents should be sought via document production orders and which personnel should be examined and/or deposed.  This, combined with the determination with which we pursue claims, makes for an approach that is fast and effective.

Sheahan Lock Partners works closely with selected, pre-eminent legal advisors in domestic and foreign jurisdictions.  We strive to ensure that at all times we have the optimal blending of legal and commercial skills.

The composition of our teams allows us to identify and pursue legal claims even when the administration is without funds to pay external law firms and related litigation expenses, including, for example, court costs and counsel fees.  In addition to the partners’ extensive accounting and commercial experience, many of the staff at SLP hold legal qualifications, giving SLP an in-house ability to assess the legal merits of each potential claim.