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About Us

Sheahan Lock Partners is a specialist, independent and multidisciplinary insolvency firm, focusing on forensic investigation and complex litigation, effecting recoveries for creditors and shareholders through the proper management of legal claims.  Our partners, John Sheahan and Ian Lock, are experienced and successful liquidators, administrators, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy.

Since John founded the practice in 1988, SLP has been at the forefront of the insolvency industry when it comes to effecting recoveries for creditors and shareholders from Australian and international insolvencies through the identification and management of legal claims.  Ian joined the practice in 1997, and since then John and Ian have been instrumental in creating a lot of case law, affecting the landscape of Australian insolvency.  By using the statutory investigative tools available to them, Ian and John have pursued and successfully realised claims in hundreds of actions in courts in every jurisdiction in Australia, and internationally.  Not only has SLP, during that time, been the instigators in countless matters where new case law has been created, but it has been responsible for the distribution to creditors and shareholders of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Maintaining offices in Sydney and Adelaide allows SLP to accept and manage appointments across the country, and SLP’s experience with international litigation has frequently involved SLP in matters beyond Australian borders.

SLP prides itself on its independence.  As such, SLP does not accept appointments to advisory panels maintained by any Australian financial institutions.  By maintaining its independence from any of the country’s major lenders and insurers SLP can, as liquidators, investigate, subpoena, examine and, where appropriate, institute legal claims against those institutions, when appropriate, without fear or favour.